Google Pays USD 135 Million to Former Executives Following Sexual Harassment Claims

A year ago, a shocking report describing the conditions of exit and the severance bundle of Andy Rubin, creator of Android mobile OS, surfaced on the web. Reports at the time expressed that Rubin resigned from Google on records of sexual misconduct charges and was given a sum of $90 million. What’s more, presently, almost five months after the discussion previously broke out, Google has affirmed those figures.

As per a report by The Verge, California-based Mountain View has affirmed that it consented to pay a fat package of $135 million to two of its former executives – Rubin and former VP of search unit Amit Singhal – who had been charged with sexual misconduct.

According to the data referenced in the underlying lawsuits recorded by a Google investor, James Martin, in the Santa Clara court, while Google at first offered $45 million to Singhal, it offered $150 to Rubin as a stock grant. Be that as it may, Singhal’s offer was decreased to $15 million when he joined Uber, which is an adversary to Waymo, owned by Alphabet Inc.

Rubin, then again, did not get $150 million as he left the organization before the shares consigned. Afterward, he got a sum of $90 million, which was detailed back in October a year ago, Altogether, the organization consented to pay $135 million to two of its executives. Be that as it may, it wound up paying a sum of $105 million to Rubin and Singhal consolidated.

Besides, Google’s board permitted its top officials, together with its founders Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and previous Google CEO Eric Schmidt, to impact and affirm the clearings to the two executives accused on charges of sexual harassment.

“As of late, we’ve rolled out numerous improvements to our workplace and taken an inexorably firm stance on misconduct by individuals in places of power,” a Google representative said.

Staggeringly, Google saw far-reaching oppositions following the revelation by the New York Times that Rubin left Google in the wake of sexual harassment claims by an ex-Google employee with whom he had an illicit relationship. As per a different report, Singhal left the organization after an employee accused of sexual misconduct during an offsite event. After that, Google workers over the globe organized a walkout gripe. Thereafter, Google ended constrained settlement on sexual misconduct cases.

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