Elizabeth Warren has plans to break Apple as well

Through a post published in Medium yesterday, Senator Elizabeth Warren had proposed breaking up major technology giants like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. As the US politics is currently heated up with Democratic candidates announcing their respective candidature for upcoming Presidency for the 2020 term, Warren’s proposal has left many big venture investors baffled. Few of them even came forward and explained disappoint through the social media handles.

Warren’s proposal states that there are various companies that run their respective online marketplaces, their market value is more than $25 billion every year in the revenues and is termed as ‘platform utilities.’ Such companies should be completely prohibited from selling their own products on their own platforms. She further stated that these big companies have a big influence on the US economy and they should not engage in unethical practices.

Google should not be allowed to run ads for its own various products on the company’s very own Google Search platform. Similarly, on its online retail store, Amazon should not sell its Amazon basic products. And the world’s biggest social media platform Facebook should keep itself separate from WhatsApp and Facebook.

However, Warren’s proposal had not mentioned another hotshot company Apple. It’s not only the world’s first trillion-dollar company, but it matches the Senator’s every criterion and even makes more than $25 billion annually. And it even operates its iOS app store from where it sells its apps.

When someone from press spoke to Warren regarding that, the Senator stated that she thinks that even Apple should be broken down too. It should not be allowed to operate the App Store and make a profit by selling its own apps on this platform. They should be allowed to choose one from both.

This is not the first time in the US government’s history when someone has announced to break some big arrangement. Something similar was done a few decades back when the railroad was dominant.

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