Hookah smokers inhale more toxic chemicals than what a normal cigarette smoker does


A lot of people are under a deep wrong impression that smoking hookah has no bad effect over their health – but according to a new report which has been discovered – hookah is worse than a cigarette. Yes, you heard that right.

Hookah is a water pipe which exhales out smoke which is, of course, made with flavored tobacco or any normal tobacco bar. A lot of people have a belief that hookah is safe to smoke than regular cigarettes. After a lot of research, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that hookah can have similar health risks.

On a contrary note, let’s start with noting all the side effects and hazards that hookah can cause to your body. Firstly, hookah contains tobacco. This tobacco has a negative impact on heart rate and blood pressure.

This has a direct connection with the most important artery in your heart called the coronary artery which is commonly very familiar in blocking all the blood connections in your body.

The scientists working on the project published this research in the American Heart Association’s journal called “Circulation.” The main claim of the given research was that hookah users inhale all the higher levels of toxic chemicals than what a regular cigarette smoker inhales.

Surveys have also estimated that around 13.6 percent of young adults between the age groups 18-24 years old in the U.S. smoke hookah. This has accounted for about 55 percent of hookah smokers in the country.

The authors working on the project also found that people who smoke hookah are the most likely population who tend to start smoking cigarettes than the other people who have never smoked hookah.

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