Dormant Chinese Hacking Group Restarted Attacking Globally

Dormant Chinese Hacking Group Restarted Attacking

A China-based hacker group, which prospected as inert, has been silently aiming for government businesses and companies over the last two years reaping the information after hacking passwords. The group is even evading the two-factor authentication process which was introduced to avert cyber-attacks.

A cybersecurity company in the Netherlands said the group plans to attack more than 10 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, the U.S., and the U.K.

A spying activity has been performed by the group, in which they focused on several markets such as insurance, construction, gambling, aviation, and finance, the company said.

Researchers said the hackers could potentially be allied to a group called APT20. The group is also known as th3bug and Violin Panda, they added. It was also linked to hacking campaigns between 2009 to 2014, that aimed at telecommunications companies, health care organizations, universities, and the military.

The group has been inoperative for a long time but has recently revived.

Many individuals believed that this gathering vanished, or never again existed, said Frank Groenewegen, boss security master at Fox-IT. In any case, what we discovered is that this gathering has been working globally again and hacking loads of organizations.

The group’s activities took a tight hold in the 2018 summer. Based on primary findings, researchers at Fox-IT pursued a digital series that assisted them to unveil more than 10 similar attacks that seemed maintained by the same hacking group. Regions including Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain were also victims of these attacks.

There was additionally, in any event, one objective inside China, a semiconductor organization, as per Groenewegen, who declined to name the organizations and associations that were assaulted. Fox-IT is working with some of them to tidy up their frameworks, he stated.


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