Saudi Arabia’s King Agreed to Host U.S. Troops to Increase Regional Security

Saudi Arabia King Agreed to Deployment of U.S Troops

The emperor of Saudi Arabia, King Salman has reported his acceptance over hosting US forces in the country in order to strengthen the stability and security of the region, reported by the state news agency (SPA).

The U.S. Defense Department also corroborated his approval and said it would locate U.S. special troops and resources to Saudi Arabia in an effort to facilitate the state with additional obstruction regardless of emerging threats to national security.

The move seems the result of enlarging disputes between Tehran and Washington in the Gulf that are caused to affect the international crude oil market.

Iran affirmed on Friday that it had grabbed hold of a British oil tanker in a strait between the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. However, contradicted Washington’s statement saying that the US naval department had brought down an Iranian drone drifting near them.

The SPA further reported that the intention behind the move is to bolster joint cooperation in defense of the stability and security of the nation and to maintain peace between the countries.

The deployment of US troops in Saudi Arabia would involve more than 500 US armed forces members, and it will intensify the number of US troops moved to the Middle East, as announced by Pentagon in last month, said a US official on condition of being anonymous. The Pentagon said it would deploy 1000 troops to the Middle East without informing actual destinations.

Washington and Tehran have been suffering soared association since last year when the US administration dumped a nuclear deal held between world’s biggest economies and Tehran.


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