BMW Team Up with Tencent to Launch Computing Center in China

BMW & Tencent launching computing center in China

China will have one more computing center, which is set to be launched by the German automotive company BMW coupled with Tencent Holdings, in an effort to manufacture self-driving cars in China, affirmed by both firms on Friday.

Completion of the said computing center is expected by the end of the year, which will initiate performance at the same time and offer cars with data-crunching potential that will aid driving semi-autonomously and autonomously. Potential area to built the center will be in the eastern city of Tianjin, according to people familiar with the matter.

Funds invested in a computing center are still undisclosed publicly.

The computing center will help to strengthen BMW’s autonomous driving innovation and growth in China, which would also prompt the company to develop such solutions that better suit the particular driving environment in China, said Jochen Goller, BMW’s China Operations Head.

It will also brace cloud computing and big data solutions by Tencent Holdings and will facilitate BMW with all essential structural facilities requisite to manufacture autonomous vehicles, BMW said.

The automaker also explained how the computing center is needed to provide great computing power to its potential semi-autonomous and L3 classification vehicles, which will be launched in China by 2021. Computing power plays an integral role in analyzing the real-time flow of digital information on traffic conditions.

The autonomous vehicle should have advanced data-crunching abilities due to their dependency on neuro-network technology or artificial intelligence, which power them to go through the experience and finally get driven without any human involvement.


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