HIV AIDS can now be controlled with shots as well as by taking daily pills

AIDS is something that just started having a progressive steady in the field of medical care. The condition had no cure before but now can be prevented.

As per reports which were recently published, some researchers have noted to have a cure over HIV through shots of these drugs as well as daily pills that are helping to control the virus that causes AIDS in two large international tests.

Now the process is still under evaluation and once if approved by the regulators in the United States and Europe – these shots would be a new and a super cool option for people with HIV.

Now if you are bored or sometimes don’t remember to take your pills, you can just instead get injected with the drug dose from any medical practitioner or nurse every month.

On the other hand, with a safe zone that people keep themselves – we all are aware now that condoms still rank at the top for the prevention of HIV. This is because they are available everywhere and is also very cheap.

Well, daily pills can also be an option for people who are very much careful about their time slots and can take good care of themselves. But it’s highly not recommended for people who forget to take them as discussed above.

With both the options made available by the researchers, the virus can not be transmitted to your sex partners and is very safe to use.

Shots are the most recommended option which is made available for people.

The other potential benefits of getting a shot at a clinic can, however, lead to more privacy of the patient as they won’t be worried about the stigma for asking for an HIV prescription at a pharmacy.

The shots area long-acting combination of two HIV drugs which are commonly used and known as rilpivirine which is sold under the name Edurant and is a Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen product. The other one is ViiV Healthcare’s experimental drug known as cabotegravir.

ViiV Healthcare paid for the whole research and are seeking approval later this year in the United States and Europe.

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