An unvaccinated boy from Oregon State Contracts Tetanus Spends Over 800K For Medical Treatment


A6-year-old boy from Oregon who was unvaccinated with the tetanus virus was hospitalized for over two long months. The boy got contracted to tetanus after he had a sudden injury while he was playing on the farm.

The report is said to be the first pediatric case in the Oregon States which had been issued in the last 30 years and was carried forward from the Centers for Disease Control.

After he fell in the farm, the boy’s injury was cleaned with a disinfectant as the parent thought that it was just a usual cut that we get after falling. The parents had no clue that the boy would get attracted to such a condition.

After the fall, on the 6th day – the child started growing up with symptoms like muscle spasms, jaw clenching. He also started having dyspnea and was not able to breathe freely.

Theparents immediately called for an ambulance and the boy taken to a local medical center. The child was kept on keen observation but showed no signs of improvement.

On the fifth day of the boy in the hospital, the child was put on a tracheal tube. He also started experiencing spasms in his diaphragm and larynx so had to be placed on a ventilator.

For over a months’ time, the boy was on a ventilator with high doses of neuromuscular blockers. His health instead of improving kept on worsening more and more each day. Everyone had lost all their hopes. He was also being reported to have kept in the darkroom as light and noise were stimulating more spasms in the body.

He spent over 57 days in the hospital and as the improvement chances were less he was shifted toa rehabilitation center. After a lot of progress and changes in the treatment protocol, just in the next 17 days, he regained his ability to walk, run and ride a bike.

The medical practitioners who were handling the case gave the child diphtheria and tetanus toxoid and acellular pertussis vaccine (DTaP) during his whole eight-weeks of the treatment course.

The whole treatment cost has been recorded to be around $800,000. This, however, does not include any transportation fares as reported.

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