Trump Announced up to 25% Tariffs on Mexico to Obstruct Illegal Immigration

Trump announced tariffs on Mexico

President Donald Trump affirmed on Thursday that the U.S. administration will impose a new 5 percent tariff on Mexico as it seeks to obstruct the continuing surge of migrants coming through Mexico.

A 5 percent tariff will be imposed with effect from 10the June on goods exported by Mexico by the time migrants stop entering the U.S. through Mexico. The administration will increase tariffs until illegal immigration gets halted, President Trump reported on the social media platform.

Trump’s proclamation appears to be an effort to obstruct a migrant’s swelling flow into the country. Most of the migrants belong to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, who have been making their way through Mexico.

The recently announced tariffs could only be removed if Mexico agrees to focus and take robust action to deaden the illegal migration crux, which will be resolved only under the U.S.’s choice and judgment, the president reported through a different statement issued by the White House immediately after Trump’s previous tweet.

He also mentioned that no action will be taken by Mexico to lessen or obstruct immigration and that tariffs will continue to increase by 5 percent each month. Eventually, tariffs will reach 25 percent and remain permanently the same until Mexico considerably acts to stop the migrant flow occupying the U.S. through Mexican territory, Trump added.

Migrants who have entered the country with a legal admissions process with the intention of working in farms, businesses, or ranches will be facilitated with easy transit, Trump added further.

President Trump has tried to menace Mexico, saying he will take other sturdy and inappropriate actions to prevent immigration through Mexican territory into the United States.

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