SpaceX Set to Launch Falcon 9 with 60 Starlink Satellites


SpaceX is initiating the launch of 60 satellites into orbit in an effort to form an operational space internet. The company will blast satellites as the company’s satellite constellation development project Starlink strives to provide high-speed internet to the globe equally.

At present, merely 25 percent of the population is experiencing quality internet service, which has prompted the space race and companies to struggle to form space internet. Elon Musk will take the first step to deal with this by rolling out the first phase of satellites which are expected to provide ubiquitous internet service.

The company is set to launch flat Starlink test satellites with the Falcon 9 from Cape Town, Florida. The launch, which carries the first satellite constellation project, is available to experience through live streaming.

The scientific companies deeply believe that constructing satellite constellations including thousands of satellites will be the next step towards providing high-speed internet worldwide. The company posted a statement on site saying, SpaceX’s Starlink is a next-generation satellite network that is able to bridge the globe. It can also reach those who were not yet connected to the internet service.

The billionaire owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is confronting robust competition in the industry to secure his lucrative efforts. OneWeb, the strongest contender and biggest competitor against Starlink, has recently obtained $1.25 billion in funding after launching its satellites in March.

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