Facebook Imposing Restriction on Live Streaming Feature

Facebook Live

Facebook is imposing restrictions on its live streaming feature, the company affirmed amid a meeting between world leaders to obstruct online cruelty, in an effort to avoid brutal slaughters such as in New Zealand.

On March 15 live streaming was uploaded to Facebook by a murderer, featuring the massacre of 51 people at two mosques in the city. The incident was the deadliest peacetime shooting in New Zealand, which propelled tech companies to make efforts to fight zealotry.

The company has introduces “one-strike” policy for the use of its live streaming option, which restricts access for users who have encountered disciplinary action for acting against the company’s most serious rules.

The social media platform will ban a first-time lawbreaker from using Facebook Live. The company is also widening the range of offensive acts that will be counted as one-strike suspensions. Facebook’s initiative was acclaimed by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who said the move was a key step in the Christchurch Call action. As a spearhead of the movement, she is eagerly seeking to halt rampant online violence.

The company’s decision to widen rules for live streaming is a considerable step in preventing the use of a tool for terrorism, which also displays the Christchurch Call movement that is striving against violence.

Facebook did not define the offenses eligible for one-strike suspensions or the time span of suspensions, though it would not allow the gunman to use Facebook Live on his account considering the new rules, a spokeswoman said.

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