Diabetes Drugs Could Be Responsible for Fatal Genital Infection

The latest study drew the attention of doctors at some diabetes treatment drugs that could be responsible for fatal genital infections. The infection is also known as flesh-eating bacteria, according to the Centers for Disease Control records.

The research deeply studies the association between Type 2 diabetes drugs and genital infections, commonly known as Fournier gangrene. The Food and Drug Administration has also warned publicly about the infection.

Gangrene demolished infected genital tissue immediately after capturing the area between the genitals and posterior, which is highly rare and still potentially fatal, the FDA said.

The FDA examined 55 cases of Fournier gangrene in patients caused by diabetes drug-SGLT2 inhibitors. The bunch of patients involved 39 men and 16 women ages ranging between 33 and 87. The FDA found that their physical condition was getting poorer every day; though all of them underwent surgery to remove the infected tissue, 3 of them died, and they were severely ill.

Similar to the 55 cases associated with SGLT2 inhibitors studied over six years, the FDA also identified 19 cases of Fournier gangrene over 34 years that are associated with other drugs.

Co-author of the study, Dr. Susan Bersoff-Matcha, said that Fournier gangrene is the rarest occurrence. Even though the study proved that the infection links to diabetes drugs, researchers have yet to identify exactly what the risk is. She advised that doctors who are prescribing SGLT2 inhibitors should have an idea of the potential risk of Fournier gangrene.

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