NASA satellite observes moving water molecule on moon’s surface

Few instruments of NASA orbiting around the lunar body have found something unbelievable. They were able to locate water molecules which were bouncing around mon’s orbit’s dayside. NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter or LRO conducted this sensational and ground-breaking study.

For a long, time scientists and researchers across the globe held this assumption that the moon has a dry surface and inhospitable regarding the case of liquid water. However, this incredible study conducted at the lunar surface states something else.

From last one decade, the researchers had been holding this view that water could only exist in various isolated pockets in the areas of the heavenly body’s poles only. But a series of discoveries made in recent times which includes this recently concluded study by LRO states something otherwise. It has changed the way astronomers think about the moon’s hydration conditions. They have concluded that water in small amount found on the moon’s surface could be due to regolith or dusty grey soil found on the body.

The small batches of water vary in amount as well as location. They also depend on a crucial factor, i.e. during which time of the day these batches are occurring. Still, this victory is a big thing for the NASA astronomers since it is something different from earlier concluded studies. It would also help the researchers to plan the future manned lunar expeditions in a better way since NASA scientists have plans of setting a permanent residential base.   

Amanda Hendrix was one of the lead authors of this study. She stated that these results are instrumental in understanding the process of this recently discovered water cycle on the lunar body. It would help them in studying how this water could be used for the benefit of humans when there would be various lunar missions in the future. They would also study if these water batches could help in fuel manufacturing processes or thermal management or maybe radiation shielding.   

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