Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to build ‘human-computer interface’ that could read your thoughts

While appearing for an interview with a Jonathan Zittrain who is a Harvard Law Professor, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he plans to develop a ‘human-computer interface’ which would be cable of reading the thoughts of humans.

For this, the users would be made to wear a cap that would be able to identify their various brain activities. Then by using the brain, they would find it easy to communicate with the AR environment. Once this interface comes into existence, one may no longer need hand gestures, keyboards or even touchscreens to interact with the environments of augmented reality.

When asked if such an invention could lead to some ethical implications, then the Facebook chief side-stepped it explained that users would have to provide their consent to use this product. He emphasized this fact that this would be a kind of product that the users like to use.

in 2017, Zuckerberg had announced his decision to donate a huge $50 million to Chan Zuckerberg Biohub which would be spent for developing implants that would be capable of reading human minds. Although as of now, it has been stated that these implants would be used for medical purpose only. however, there are higher possibilities that it could be used for other possibilities as well.

It was during F8 Developers’ Conference two years back, when the company had announced research revolving around a technology that would let users type directly from their respective brains instead of hands.

In a detailed Facebook post, he explained why he thinks that this technology is very promising. He wrote that the human brain is capable of providing enough data that every second it could stream 4 HD movies. Our speech is capable of transmitting data equivalent to a simple 80s modem. Facebook is currently working on a system that could let their users type with five times greater speed than they do it currently.

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